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Our Mission

It’s getting tougher every year for people in America to find affordable housing. Although millions of new homes are being built every year, home prices have skyrocketed, causing a shortage of affordable homes for entry level working families and first time home buyers. Inflation has outpaced wages. Add that to the fact that the debt held by the current generation of first time home buyers is much higher than it was in the past. There is a high demand for affordable housing for first time home buyers, but where are the quality homes to support this demand?

What is the best solution to create affordable housing? We believe it’s to renovate and transform older vacant homes into high quality homes for families. We leverage our resources and technology at scale to renvoate homes efficiently. We take pride in the homes that we offer and strive to produce a beautiful and affordable house for family to enjoy.

Our mission is to create affordable homes for families.

Our Mission

Create affordable homes for families

How We Renovate

Systemized processes with local crews

Our Homes

Affordable homes across the midwest

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